And what I learned along the way

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  1. Some critical component is missing in their relationship and they are [subconsciously] trying to find a more compatible partner
  2. Their primary relationship is very secure with crucial needs met, and they have an ability and desire to give love to and connect with others, in addition to their primary partner.

How I managed to sustain a good relationship with my ex-husband

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An Open Relationship Tale

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“Some of my female classmates were really happy to see me at the reunion,” Tom texted.

“Exactly how happy?” his wife asked.

VERY happy,” he answered.

The Other Woman

And please stop taking responsibility for other people’s feelings

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The story of my relationship with my husband

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“Okay. Let’s start dating other people”, my husband said after we finished appetizers.

Or how to have a relationship development conversation

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And grieve the death of romantic love

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…and how I wanted to live my life

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Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
– George Bernard Shaw

The biggest lesson from my open marriage

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“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship you have.”

— Robert Holden

Sharing the things I’d been afraid to say helped us grow closer.

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Redefining Love

Stories from my personal experience with polyamory and open marriage.

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